Interpreting Biblical Literature
What students say: "Cosby's explanations of the history and culture of biblical times have helped me to understand a lot of Bible stories that made no sense to me before."  -a junior in a Bible survey class
Interpreting Biblical Literature

“At last, a text that challenges the mind and engages the imagination.”

“Here is a textbook that students and I can both enjoy!”

“I believe that this is an excellent introductory text; it covers all the fundamental introductory issues that college undergraduates need to address. The students who have used preliminary chapters of this manuscript … have found it very readable and interesting, and this is important for teachers of introductory courses who hope their students will want to take additional biblical courses to deepen their understanding.

“Cosby’s text strikes a good balance in presenting challenging new ideas yet not overwhelming the beginning student.

“His own personal experiences in “crossing cultures” are very interesting to the students and have provoked some good class discussions.

“Since I have had the advantage of actually using some preliminary chapters with my students for several semesters, I can absolutely affirm that it is appropriate for my introductory course.

“The first time I saw the way in which Dr. Cosby arranged the various chapters, I was not too certain that it would be an approach I would want to use. However, … I did revise my syllabus to follow Dr. Cosby’s schema…. After using this approach, I found that students were better able to deal with the narrative characteristics of the Genesis 1–11 material with less stress and more attention to the theological elements. Since my course is taught at a Catholic university as part of a Theology department curriculum, I added more theological discussion at various points, but I think this will remain the professorial privilege as Dr. Cosby’s text is used in various academic settings.

“Over the twenty plus years that I have been teaching this introductory course I think I have examined just about every intro book that has come on the market. None of these were completely satisfactory, particularly those that assumed they were writing for a Protestant market; I have wanted a text that gave adequate attention to the Deuterocanon without neglecting other issues. My challenge has been to teach from a Catholic perspective at a Catholic university with a student body that is only about 35% Catholic. So every time I attend any biblical conference (CBA, SBL) I always spend considerable time looking at the new offerings on the introductory level. This is one of the reasons that I was so delighted to learn about Dr. Cosby’s project; it seems to be exactly what I am looking for.

Mary Ann Stachow
Assistant Professor of Theology
avier University of Louisiana

Dr. Stachow asked her students to provide Dr. Cosby with comments about Interpreting Biblical Literature. Here are excerpts from their statements.
“I have thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to use your textbook this semester…. I very much like the way you bring the information down to a level that is easily understood …. The wording you use, as well as the layout, make the Bible seem to come to life and therefore, easier to understand…. Sometimes I catch myself trying to fall asleep whenever I am reading other textbooks, but never with yours.” Julia J.
“I really enjoyed your book…. I now see the power of knowing ancient history and applying it to what I read in the Bible…. I usually sell my books at the end of each semester, but your book is a keeper for life.” D. Williams
“Never in my life have I opened the Bible. Hence, when the semester started, I feared that Sister Mary Ann assumed that each student knew the basic steps to understanding the Bible…. I like how your textbook breaks down the Bible into simpler terms. In addition, I enjoy the story you recount about your adventures and experiences…. Overall, you’ve done a great job with this textbook! I am enjoying it very much!” V. Nguyen
“Your writing is brilliant and it kept my fellow classmates well interested in the material of each chapter within the text…. I was surprised that a textbook could keep me, as well as the other students engaged in the material, but I am very appreciative for this because it is very rare when I can continue to read an entire chapter without being distracted…. Dr. Cosby this is a marvelous textbook, and I wanted to thank you for helping my introductory class to be a wonderful experience.” J. Lewis
“I am so grateful that Sr./Dr. Stachow chose your book for our classroom textbook.” L. Purvis
“Unlike most textbooks I have read your textbook Interpreting Biblical Literature actually caught my attention. This textbook is not a boring textbook at all. I think it was great the way you took the work from Biblical times and turned it into an understanding that many of us can relate to today. Many of us have discussed among ourselves that the way Dr. Michael R. Cosby writes is awesome…. I would recommend this textbook for any introduction to theology course.” Jochele G.
“What I most enjoyed about your book were the sections where you included your hands-on experiences and your encounters with different people.” A. Carey
“I’ve learned more from your book than from years of study at my former CCD school…. The book showed me that learning religion can be done in the company of reason…. I enjoyed learning from your textbook very much!” Cami Giang N.
“I really enjoyed the way you used your personal experiences in the beginning of the chapters. In a way, it seemed like I was talking to a friend instead of just reading another college textbook…. I loved the little cartoons that you included in the book, they always lightened up my mood…. I think it is a great book, especially for beginners who are just learning how to read and interpret the bible. Thank you so much for making my first theology class a blessing!” N. Riley
“I really enjoyed the book…. By adding some of your life stories, I feel somewhat of a connection as if we’re friends. Not many authors do that…. I’m also amazed how you can make a connection with your life stories and tie it into your work. It makes reading your book very enjoyable…. You don’t just assume we should know what you’re talking about…. I can read your book chapters after chapters with no problem, unlike other books [in which] I tend to get bored after the second or third page.” Your friend, T. Dinh
“The use of pictures and the setup of each chapter made the book easier to read in terms of understanding…. Another thing that I really liked about the book was the discussion questions at the end of each chapter. I liked that you posed questions that could relate the theme of the chapter to what is happening in modern day society…. I really enjoyed reading this book and it is to you I owe the credit for a better knowledge of the Bible.” A’Sha L.
“Through your book, I have discovered many intricacies that I had never imagined.” Diane Q.

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