Interpreting Biblical LiteratureInterpreting Biblical Literature
What students say: " What I like about Cosby's book is how readable it is. And I like the cartoons and the pictures."  --a sophomore in a basic Bible class

“[Cosby] has a very clear and engaging writing style, and the language level is appropriate for the non-expert.

“… written to a young contemporary audience and speaks to today’s college student in language that is familiar to them. This is the first textbook I have seen that sends the reader to the internet for information.

“[Cosby] is an excellent writer. He is clearly aiming the text as beginners. The language level is appropriate for undergraduates. It speaks to postmodern students in terms that they relate to. It is the only textbook I have seen that sends the reader to the internet for further information.

“Much of the information in the chapter regarding daily life in ancient Israel is extremely helpful…. This description of an archaeological dig is excellent. This is the clearest and most straightforward description of the archaeological process I have ever read and will be very helpful to students.

Vincent Medina
Associate Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew
Central Bible College

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