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Purchase and Return Policies for Volume Book Buyers

Discount Purchasing
Stony Run Publishing extends to bookstores a 30% discount off the retail price listed for our books. Purchaser pays shipping and handling. Payments should be in made in U.S. funds.

First-time Volume Orders
We require advance approval for first-time volume orders. Please fill out and submit the accompanying online application. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a 30% discount rate on purchase orders and credit card orders.

Purchase Orders and Credit Card Orders
Authorized representatives of bookstores with whom we have accounts may send either paper or electronic purchase orders. Full payment is due to Stony Run Publishing 30 days after shipping. We accept all major credit cards or company checks. To establish a new account, please see the credit application below.

To arrange for purchases, contact us at info@stonyrunpublishing.com

Returning Books
All returns must be preauthorized. Bookstores may return at their own expense, including a 15% restocking fee, unused books in saleable condition. Please examine the books very carefully prior to return and include a packing list with the original invoice number and date of purchase.

Books must be in new condition, with no marks of any kind—including labels and security tags. Damaged books will not be accepted. Please package carefully. Damage done during return shipments is not our responsibility.

Upon receipt of saleable books, we will credit the bookstore account. We will notify clients if we receive unacceptable merchandise and will return these damaged books at the bookstore’s expense. If clients elect not to have us return their damaged books, we will dispose of these texts after 30 days.

Books may be returned up to 6 months after purchase date. If Stony Run Publishing publishes a new edition of a book, we will no longer accept returns of previous editions of the book. We will not accept returns of books that are out of print.

Stony Run Publishing reserves the right to modify these policies without prior notice.

Application for first-time volume book buyers [here]

Credit Application for Businesses
Please fill out the linked form and then press Submit. This will generate a printable version of the form. Please print, sign and date it.

Then either (1) mail it to Stony Run Publishing, P. O. Box 334, Grantham, PA 17027
OR (2) scan & email it to info@stonyrunpublishing.com .

Your application cannot be fully processed until we receive your signed and dated version. We do not accept faxed forms.


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