What professors say . . . " this book is a gift to students and teachers! With an accessible style and engaging wite, Cosby provides aq sure-footed guide to those embarking on the journey into critical study of the biblical literature."

Examination Copy Guidelines

If you are interested in considering the adoption of Interpreting Biblical Studies for a class, we would be pleased to send you an examination copy. Should you adopt this textbook for a class of ten or more students, the examination copy becomes a desk copy and we will cancel the invoice that accompanies the book. If you do not adopt the book, payment is due within 60 days of the invoice date. Should you wish to return the book, send it in new (saleable) condition, along with the invoice, to Stony Run Publishing. We will not accept damaged books, so please package carefully.

Return shipping costs must be paid by sender.

Stony Run Publishing reserves the right to modify these policies without prior notice.


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