Michael R. Cosby is Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Greek at Messiah College, Grantham, PA. For twenty-five years, he has inspired students to interact with the Bible, teaching them how to interpret biblical texts in their ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean contexts. Cosby has published numerous books and articles, including the recent Apostle on the Edge: An Inductive Approach to Paul (Westminster John Knox, 2009).

Other publications:

  • 2009 Apostle on the Edge: An Inductive Approach to Paul. Louisville, Kentucky: Westminster John Knox Press.
  • 2008 “Paul: His Life and Thought.” A three-session series for The Thoughtful Christian, the online resource center of Westminster John Knox Press (May 8, 2008). Part One of the “Rediscovering Paul Study Pack: Understanding the Controversial Apostle,” which also includes “Paul’s Journeys,” by David Otto, and “Paul and the Role of Women in the Church,” by Sandra Hack Polaski (www.TheThoughtfulChristian.com).
  • 2005 “Two Creation Stories?: Drawing the Israelite Cosmos”; “‘Does Tithing Make any Sense?’: Exploring the Relevance of Lawcodes”; “David at the Movies”; “‘Go straight to Sheol!’: A Discovery Exercise on Sheol Using Jonah 2”; “Feeling the Heat in Job by Rewriting the Speeches with Modern Expressions”; and “‘Why Would I Want to Marry My Sister-in-Law?’: Cultural Diversity and Levirate Marriage.” In Mark Roncace and Patrick Gray (Editors), Teaching the Bible: Practical Strategies for Classroom Instruction (Society of Biblical Literature, Resources for Biblical Study series, vol. 49; pp. 70–71, 124–125, 152–153, 189–190, 213–214, 223–224). Atlanta, GA: Society of Biblical Literature.
  • 2002 “Galatians: Red Hot Rhetoric,” in Rhetorical Argumentation in Biblical Texts, edited by Anders Eriksson, Thomas H. Olbricht, and Walter Übelacker. Emory Studies for Early Christianity. Harrisburg, PA: Trinity Press International, pages 296–309.
  • 2001 “Using the Wesleyan Quadrilateral to Teach Biblical Studies in Christian Liberal Arts Colleges.” Teaching Theology and Religion 4 (June 2001) 71–80.
  • 1999 Portraits of Jesus: An Inductive Approach to the Gospels. Louisville, Kentucky: Westminster John Knox Press.
  • 1994 “Hellenistic Formal Receptions and Paul’s Use of " in 1 Thessalonians 4:17.” Bulletin for Biblical Research 4 (1994) 15–33.
  • 1993 “The Danger of Armageddon Theology.” The Covenant Quarterly LI (August 1993) 37–45.
    1991 “The Christian Mission in Higher Education: A Journey Toward Wholeness.” The Covenant Quarterly XLIX (November 1991) 14–21.
  • 1991 “Paul’s Persuasive Language in Romans 5,” in Persuasive Artistry: Studies in New Testament Rhetoric in Honor of George A. Kennedy. Edited by Duane F. Watson. JSNT Supplement Series, #50, pp. 209–226. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press.
  • 1990 “Hebrews 11 and the Art of Effective Preaching.” The Covenant Quarterly XLVII (May 1990) 29–33.
  • 1988 The Rhetorical Composition and Function of Hebrews 11 in Light of Example Lists in Antiquity. Mercer University Press.
  • 1988 “The Rhetorical Composition of Hebrews 11.” Journal of Biblical Literature 107 (June 1988) 257–273.
    1984 “Mark 14:51–52 and the Problem of Gospel Narrative.” Perspectives in Religious Studies 11: 219–231.
  • 1984 Sex in the Bible: An Introduction to What the Scriptures Teach Us About Sexuality. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall.
  • 1982 “Modern Sexuality and the Biblical Book of Deuteronomy.” Mind and Nature 6:1–7.


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