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Searching for the Right Textbook?

For years I searched for a textbook to use in my introduction to Biblical Studies classes. I wanted something that combined academic rigor with theological sensitivity — something that challenged students intellectually but provided enjoyable reading. I longed for a book that appealed to modern readers — a colorful, multifaceted resource for multitasking students — something that enticed them into wanting to know more about my subject matter.


I needed a text that took readers across the chasms of culture and time to the ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean worlds of the Bible on a journey they would enjoy and remember. Part of that journey would be to help video-oriented students learn the craft of careful textual analysis. Finally, I wanted a textbook that would invigorate my own creativity, giving me teaching ideas that I could shape to fit my own classroom style.


After years of searching in vain, I decided to write the book myself . . .

- Michael Cosby







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